dRowAudio JUCE Module

dRowAudio is a 3rd party JUCE module designed for rapid audio application development. It contains classes for audio processing and gui elements. Additionally there are several wrappers around 3rd party libraries including cURL, FFTReal and SoundTouch. dRowAudio is written in the strict JUCE style, closely following the style guide set out at JUCE Coding Standards.

The main aim of dRowAudio is to provide a framework for rapid application development. Most of the classes have come from development of my own work and research into audio and DSP. For a full rundown of the features available check out the Wiki page, demo, and documentation.

The module contains a wide variety of features including:



I have also packaged the Synthesis Tool Kit library as a JUCE module for easy inclusion into projects. Some duplicated features (midi, IO and threading) have been removed to avoid any external dependancies. This makes is incredibly easy to use the STK in a JUCE based project. All classes live in the "stk" namespace to avoid any clashes. Full documentation for the STK classes can be found on the official website here.

The STK module is released under the standard STK licence. This is a fairly permissive licence but please check the source files for details.