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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNBezierCurveThis namespace contains some very useful Bezier calculations
oNMusicColumnsDetails the colums of the table
|oCLexicographicA standard Lexiographc ValueTreeComparitor
|oCNumericalA standard Numberical ValueTreeComparitor
|\CLexicographicWithBackupA Lexiographc ValueTreeComparitor which will use a second comparitor if the result is the same, useful when sorting tables withough using the much slower maintainSortOrder method
|oCLexicographicSorterAn Xml comparator used to sort Lexicographical data
|\CNumberDataSorterAn Xml comparator used to sort number data
oCAudioFileDropTargetA Component that acts as a drag and drop target for audio files and MusicLibraryTable drag sources
oCAudioFilePlayerThis class can be used to load and play an audio file from disk
|\CListenerA class for receiving callbacks from a AudioFilePlayer
oCAudioFilePlayerExtThis class can be used to load and play an audio file from disk
oCAudioOscilloscopeAn oscilliscope class for displaying audio waveforms
oCAudioPickerAudioPicker class
|\CListenerA class for receiving callbacks from a AudioPicker
oCAudioSampleBufferAudioFormatStreams data from an AudioSampleBuffer
oCAudioThumbnailImageA class to display the waveform of an audio file
|\CListenerA class for receiving callbacks from an AudioThumbnailImage
oCAudioTransportCursorA class to display a scolling cursor to prepresent the position of an audio file
oCAVAssetAudioFormatOSX and iOS only - This uses the AVFoundation framework to read any audio format that the system has a codec for
oCBasicFileBrowserA BasicFileBrowser with an optional corner resizer
oCBiquadFilterA Biquad filter
oCBiquadFilterSetupPrimitive class to store the set-up info of a BiquadFilter
oCBufferA buffer to hold an array of floats
|\CListenerReceives callbacks when a Buffer object changes
oCClockA handy digital graphical clock
oCColouredAudioThumbnailMakes it easy to quickly draw scaled views of the waveform shape of an audio file
oCColumnFileBrowserA type of FileBrowser persented in columns
oCColumnFileBrowserLookAndFeelThe LookAndFeel of the ColumnFileBrowser
oCCpuMeterHandy class that will display the cpu usage of a given AudioDeviceManager as a percentage
oCCumulativeMovingAverageSimple cumulative average class which you can add values to and will return the mean of them
oCCURLEasySessionCreates a CURLEasySession
|\CListenerA class for receiving callbacks from a CURLEasySession
oCDraggableWaveDisplayA class to display the waveform of an audio file which can be dragged to reposition the source
oCFFTOperationPerforms various FFT operations
oCFifoBufferThis is a simple implementation of a lock free Fifo buffer that uses a template parameter for the sample type
oCFilteringAudioSourceAn AudioSource that contains three settable filters to EQ the audio stream
oCGraphicalComponentThis class is an abstract base blass for some kind of graphical component that requires some intenisve processing
oCIOSAudioConverterThis class converts an iPod Library track to a PCM Wav format suitable for reading using a CoreAudioFormatReader
|\CListenerA class for receiving callbacks from a IOSAudioConverter
oCITunesLibraryAn ITunesLibrary manages the parsing of an iTunes library into a ValueTree
|\CListenerA class for receiving callbacks from an ITunesLibrary
oCITunesLibraryParserParses an iTunes Xml library into a ValueTree using a background thread
oCLoopingAudioSourceA type of PositionalAudioSource that will read from a PositionableAudioSource and can loop between to set times
oCLTASCalculates the Long Term Average Spectrum of a set of samples
oCMemoryInputSourceA type of InputSource that represents a MemoryInputStream
oCMusicLibraryTableTable to display and interact with a music library
oCOnePoleFilterOne-Pole Filter
oCPitchDetectorAuto correlation based pitch detector class
oCPluginParameterThis file defines a parameter used in an application
oCPositionableWaveDisplayA class to display the entire waveform of an audio file
oCReferenceCountedIdentifierHolds an Identifier as a ReferenceCountedObject
oCReferenceCountedValueTreeHolds a ValueTree as a ReferenceCountedObject
oCReversibleAudioSourceA type of AudioSource that can reverse the stream of samples that flows through it
oCSampleRateConverterSimple sample rate converter class
oCSegmentedMeterA segmented graphical VU meter
oCSonogramCreates a standard right-left scrolling greyscale Sonogram
oCSoundTouchAudioSourceAn audio source that can independently change the rate, tempo and pitch of an audio source
oCSoundTouchProcessorWraps a SoundTouch object to enable pitch and tempo adjustments to an audio buffer;
|\CPlaybackSettingsA struct use to hold all the different playback settings
oCSpectroscopeCreates a standard Spectroscope
oCStateVariableVariable that holds its previous value
oCTriggeredScopeTriggered Scope
oCUnityBuilderUnityBuilder class