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dRowAudio - A JUCE module for high level audio application development.

dRowAudio is a 3rd party JUCE module designed for rapid audio application development. It contains classes for audio processing and gui elements. Additionally there are several wrappers around 3rd party libraries including cURL, FFTReal and SoundTouch. dRowAudio is written in the strict JUCE style, closely following the style guide set out at JUCE Coding Standards.

dRowAudio is hosted on Github at https://github.com/drowaudio/drowaudio

The online documentation is at http://drowaudio.co.uk/docs/

A wiki with feature overview and demo screenshots can be found at http://www.rawmaterialsoftware.com/wiki/index.php/DRowAudio


All platforms supported by JUCE are also supported by dRowAudio. Currently these platforms include:


This documentation assumes that the reader has a working knowledge of JUCE.

External Modules

In order to use the cURL classes you will need to link to the cURL library. This is included as part of Mac OSX, for Windows there pre-built 32-bit binaries or you can download the library yourself for the most recent version. Instructions for linkage are detailed on the dRowAudio wiki.

Although some aspects of dRowAudio rely on other 3rd party modules such as SoundTouch and FFTReal, these are included as part of the module so no external linking is required. Their use should be transparent to the user.


dRowAudio requires recent versions of JUCE. It won't work with versions 2.28 or earlier. To use the library it is necessary to first download JUCE to a location where your development environment can find it. Or, you can use your existing installation of JUCE.

To use the module simply include it, or a symbolic link to it, in your juce/modules folder. Simply them run the Introjucer as normal and tick the dRowAudio module. Config flags are provided to disable some functionality if not required.


Copyright (C) 2010 by David Rowland (e-mail)

Unless otherwise marked, files in dRowAudio are published under the GNU General Public License v2. A copy of the licence is contained within each source file. Commercial licences are available on request please contact the author for details.

David Rowland (email)